What is the BEST Plugin to Use?

During one of our recent WordPress Meetups someone asked for plugin suggestions to address a particular situation. After receiving 3-4 recommendations she asked, “But which one is the BEST plugin to use?”

Well, that depends. (Ever heard that response before?)

When you start looking for a plugin I highly recommend that you:

  1. Create a list with all features the perfect plugin should have.
  2. Share that list with the people who are offering suggestions. It helps them better understand your needs.
  3. If a plugin is recommended visit the WordPress plugin site and read all the information of that plugin. Or, go directly to the plugin developer site. Not all available plugins are in the WordPress directory (repository).
  4. Look at the features and if all the features listed on your list are a match, then you have a potential perfect plugin.
  5. Read the comments. Does the author responds to questions. If you see a lot of unanswered questions you should think about searching for another one.