Your Atlanta WordPress Consultant

Hi there! I’m Kathy Drewien. My company rescues abandoned, ugly, orphaned, broken, and non-productive websites for people and businesses who are ready for a change.

When I meet people I hear their stories and understand how their personalities, strengths and struggles, their passions, and values—each a piece of who they are, weave a wondrous tapestry that is truly unique. Your website is a gallery for this work of art.

Pieces of my own story reawakened a passion, a gift, for helping others unveil and embrace their individual tapestry—a journey that led me to organize a WordPress Meetup  in 2011 … serve on the Atlanta WordCamp organizer team for 7 years … step up to being a WordPress Community Deputy … mentor other WordCamp organizers … and countless other volunteer roles in the local and national community. As some might say, “If you haven’t met Kathy, then you are on the fringe of the Atlanta WordPress community.”

Tell me. Are you:

  • Wondering what the heck you are supposed to do next?
  • Stuck with a broken or abandoned or ugly or non-productive WordPress site?
  • Paralyzed by the voices in your head that whisper chronic self-doubt?
  • Willing to share your experience and learn from others?
  • Tired of struggling alone?

Don’t worry – no matter where you’re at or what you’re dealing with, we’ll tackle it together. 

The first step is to schedule a getting-to-know-you session where I can meet you, your business, and your website. We’ll get on the phone for half an hour or so, and you can tell me where you’re at and how I might be able to help. (Psst… this part isn’t volunteer work.)

To get started, email our onboarding specialist, Sarah Moore, at You and I will schedule a fun, stress-free chat to talk and see if we’re a good fit.

You’ll become so confident, you’ll soon find yourself
helping others, earning more, and having fun.


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