How Many Trees in 2017?

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend seven sharpening my axe.”
~Abraham Lincoln

OK, OK, – you’ve heard all the New Year Resolution stuff before.  I’ll try to steer clear of that topic today.

Going back to “Honest Abe’s” quote, how many trees do you plan to chop down in 2017?  24? 48? 96?  The higher you plan to go, the sharper your axe had better be.  What’s more, most axe blades lose their edge after only a few trees.  That means it will be necessary to step back from the hard work of chopping, and hone the blade numerous times throughout the year.  Here are a few suggestions to keep your “edge” in 2017:

Planning is a necessary first step.  If you don’t know how many trees you want to chop, how will you know when you’re finished?  Will you be chopping small, medium or large trees?  Apple, maple or pine?  Will you take long powerful swings, or just hack away ’till they fall?  Make some important chopping decisions before you begin.

Education is the next step.  It comes in many forms, like books, recordings, videos, seminars, professional courses, and so on.  Vary your approach to education to avoid boredom.  Seminars and courses are an excellent way to boost your attitude by sharing ideas and strategies with colleagues and associates.

A positive attitude is critical too.  It is the magnet that brings trees to your doorstep.  Recreation is vital to maintaining that attitude.  When you find yourself working 60 and 70-hour weeks, you’ll also notice your energy level and attitude begin to dull very quickly.  Learn to schedule time off for yourself and family members.  Choose activities that leave no room for thoughts about work.  You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your tree chopping.  Soon you’ll be off to a flying start with a very sharp axe! 

Best wishes for the New Year!