7 Essentials for Starting a Successful Online Business

When I started my WordPress business 8 years ago I jumped in with some knowledge about what I was doing. After all, this was my third career in a third industry and the second career was a total internet success!

I Googled my way through setting up client contracts, on-boarding, and pricing. And skipped the email marketing altogether! Laying a strong foundation for my business from the start…eh, I kinda skimmed over that.

The thing is, it’s so easy to start a business now that we forget some of the basic things because we’re too busy setting up our new website, learning about eCommerce, and chatting away in social media accounts.

Those are important as well, but are you missing these 7 small business essentials that could keep your business from growing consistently and positioning yourself for long-term success?

1 | A vision + goals

Nail down the why at the start and you’ll have a much better chance at lasting through the highs and lows of being a solopreneur.

2 | A financial/accounting/invoicing tool

If you haven’t been through tax time as a solo business owner yet you (or your accountant) will thank me for reminding you to set up a bookkeeping tool from the start. (I use Xero for my business.)

3 | A blog

Blogging will help you build trust and create a connection – two things you MUST have in order to get people to pay you. Plus Google favors websites that are updated on a regular basis.

4 | A business ally

Who can you talk to when you’re stressed out, trying to make a decision, or need feedback? You may be a solopreneur, but you do not have to go it alone.

5 | An email list

Even if you’re on day 1 of building your business, you need to have an email list. This will be the fastest and most direct way to get in touch with your audience, share your expertise, position yourself as an expert, earn their trust, and then move them to make a purchase or hire you.

6 | A freebie

Whether it’s a set of worksheets, a free sample of your product, a mini online course, or your top 10 tips, giving readers an incentive to join your email list is key.

7 | Daily processes

If you’re hoping to get through your workday without stress, your week without overwhelm, and your year without burnout then putting processes in place for EVERY task you tackle is a non-negotiable.