Preferred Site Care & Protection Plan

  • Subscription plan is month-to-month - no contract required.
  • Service Descriptions

    Web Site Hosting on our Private Server:
    We make sure the site has dedicated resources to meet the needs of even the most demanding traffic.

    Daily Web Site Backups:
    Daily backups are stored in a secure location, completely removed from where your site is hosted. This means you'll always have a backup, no matter what happens.

    Weekly Web Site Software Updates:
    Your WordPress website needs regular management to perform as you want it to. Software is always being released for WordPress, themes, and plugins. Keeping your site up-to-date is extremely important - many releases are security fixes and patches that will prevent potential exploits of your site.

    Daily Proactive Malware Scanning:
    We scan your site to look for hacks and viruses. This is not 100% guaranteed, but it will catch most problems.

    File Change Alerts:
    We monitor your site every 30 minutes to make sure it is online. If it is down, we investigate and attempt to fix the issue.

    Complete Hack Cleanup if Needed:
    Should your site suffer an attack or be corrupted for any reason, we will restore it completely.

    Front of the Line Priority Support:
    When you have concerns, questions, or updates, you automatically go to the front of the line.

    Dedicated Email Helpdesk:
    The Preferred subscription includes an unlimited number of 30-minute help requests. Services beyond a 30-minute request will be billed at our $165/hour loyalty rate.
    Frequently requested tasks include:

    • Editing Content
    • Adding Posts
    • Troubleshooting
    • Plugin Research & Setup
    • Creating Website Forms
    • Site Speed & Performance Audits
    • General WordPress Questions
    • And Much More!
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