The Search is Over!

“If you want to learn something new, concentrate on getting that ‘right feeling’ that is true to yourself. Take the risk of letting go the precious little control you’ve struggled to gain, letting go enough to immerse yourself in what you are doing. Then – do it!”
– Drs. Tom Rusk & Randy Read

Have you ever read Shel Silverstein’s wonderful book, “The Missing Piece and the Big O”? It’s a whimsical fable that has touched readers of all ages. It chronicles the search most of us have undertaken at one time or another in our lives to find the one person who can make us whole.

As the “Missing Piece” searches, it encounters other “parts.” Some of them fit, but cannot roll. Others have too many pieces missing – while still others have too many pieces. The missing piece continues the futile search until one day it meets the “Big O” – a whole (not a part) with no pieces missing.

Thinking it had, at last, found its whole, the Missing Piece exclaims, “I think you are the one I have been waiting for – maybe I am your missing piece . . . I was hoping that I could roll with you.” The Big O replied, “But I am not missing a piece . . . perhaps you could roll by yourself.

How often have we all felt that we needed someone else to be whole (or to roll) – not realizing that we are all in fact already the “Big O.” We are already self-contained, have the ability to roll in any direction we like, and need nothing else to achieve every dream we’ve ever had. Then, unexpectedly, we find that there are others who are also “Big O’s,” with whom we can share our own “wholeness.”

Go by the library or pick up a copy of this unusual story. Trust me – you’ll understand.