How to Find a Quality WordPress Theme that Works

There are thousands of WordPress themes to pick from. Unfortunately, they aren’t all created with the same integrity, style, and security that you deserve.

WordPress Themes

Design, navigation and great content are the three big factors to online success, so when you choose a theme, 66.66% of your attention should be focused on the look and usability.

And just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s going to work correctly when you bring it home. Ah, I see. Many of you have already learned that lesson the hard way.

No matter what kind of business or brand you’re building, for starters you need:

  • Out-of-the-box control and flexibility
  • Highly adaptable and secure platform with built-in SEO
  • Easy customization, multimedia and social media integration
  • Easy, logical navigation that makes a visual impact
  • Unlimited support and updates

Anyone who has ever heard me talk about WordPress themes knows I’m a huge fan of StudioPress. They were the first theme developer I used when I got started in 2007, and I’m still a loyal supporter.

Did you read the last bullet point above? Unlimited support and updates.

The cost of the Genesis framework bundled with a child theme gives you access to the best support forum around. And, I’m not talking about posting a question and waiting several days for a response. Right out of the box you have step-by-step tutorials written in plain English to setup your newly purchased theme.

‘Fess up. How many of you purchased a theme, brought it home and then got angry because it didn’t look like the demo?