Give Yourself a Present

“Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.”
~ St. Jerome

Regardless of who you have been in the past – why not give yourself a “present”? Each of us experiences regret from time to time over what we have done – or left undone – in the past. Perhaps our transgressions were great – or just seemed so in our heart.

To become a different person in the future, St. Jerome suggests that you must “begin to be” that person now. If your career is overwhelming you, begging to be tamed, begin now to untangle it. Begin today to simplify your activities.

If you would like to be more caring, begin today by complimenting someone. Want to be more understanding? Listen carefully to one you love – today. Want greater financial independence? Analyze your income and your expenses, then earn more and live on less – beginning today.

Nothing happens until you “begin to be.” Interestingly, however, the moment you BEGIN, you actually ARE the person you desire to be, provided you continue to be. The moment you change anything in your life, the past is over, forever.

Want a new beginning in your life? Don’t wait for some earth-shattering, life-changing event to get your attention. Get started today!