Be Impulsive

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

There seems to be a lot of anger in the world today. Forget the national and global squabbles, and just take a look closer to home – on your TV, in the schools, among fellow employees – right in your own backyard.

There’s another attitude issue that could stand some help – disrespect. It seems like the days are gone when youngsters (even 20-somethings) value their elders, social customs, even the laws of the land. Common courtesy and politeness, even among adults, seems non-existent at times.

Want to be a changing force in your personal world? It’s easy, costs nothing, and goes a long way towards making a meaningful contribution for the better. It’s accomplished with an electrical impulse. Really. Consider your brain. Everything you think of, each idea you have, each action you take begins with an electrical impulse – a single thought. The thought required to cause change is called an expectation.

Teachers use this thought daily in their classrooms. They EXPECT students to listen, to observe silence, to walk single-file, to not cut in line, and to learn. They EXPECT not to be challenged, disrespected, or ignored when they speak. The best among them EXPECT nothing less than excellence. Know what? Their students respond positively to those expectations.

The electrical impulse called “expectation” is simple to enact, yet more difficult to enforce. You have to really mean it. As a country, a people, even families, we’ve grown soft on expectations – and it shows. Fear of offending someone seems the rule. Why not be impulsive for the next 30 days with those you love by setting a new, higher standard of expectations. The results will both amaze and delight!