Atlanta WP Digest May 22

How Much Should a WordPress Theme Cost?
Hundreds of Themes Analyzed, Here’s What the Data Says

Pricing is one of the most important traits of any product. To this end, WordPress theme cost should be a crucial sales factor. Yet, looking at the state of the WordPress market today, there’s a bewildering array of different approaches to pricing models. This article takes an empirical look at what’s going on, explores how much different themes cost (with analysis from hundreds of themes) and considers what the best route forward is for theme vendors in this extremely competitive market.

5 Ways to Accelerate Your Site
Have you found the perfect performance configuration for your site but wish to go even further with your optimization? This article gives you 5 suggestions to locate and solve the most common causes of slowness for a website. And if your site is already fast, these points will help boost its speed! Disclaimer: this article is targeted to a public with an intermediate to advanced technical knowledge.

How to offload WordPress images to Amazon S3
WordPress media items, such as images, videos and audio files, tend to take up a lot of space on your server’s storage drive. This can lead to a decline in your site’s speed over time, especially if you’re someone who publishes a lot of content with high-quality images. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to integrate your site with Amazon S3 with the help of the free WP Offload S3 Lite and Amazon Web Services WordPress plugins.