Atlanta WP Digest August 1

Why Beaver Builder?
Well, most WordPress page builders are a pretty big step backward in terms of WordPress’s overall quality, so I’ll start simply: Anything not recommended in Pippin Williamson’s legendary review of WordPress page builders is out the window. That leaves three options: Tailor, Pootle Page Builder, and Beaver Builder.

If GoDaddy Can Turn the Corner on Sexism, Who Can’t?
GoDaddy has become a lodestar among gender equity advocates — an example of how even regressive cultures can change. “There’s a lot of little things people don’t usually notice,” Katee Van Horn, GoDaddy’s vice president for engagement and inclusion, said of its changes in analyzing leadership capacities. “But they add up.” So what did GoDaddy do right?

How to Add HTML5 Video to WordPress Using Custom Fields
Recently, I faced the challenge of setting up an HTML5 video inside a WordPress page. It’s in a static location and would need to be replaced every so often. While it’s fine to use the Video Shortcode, in this case, I wanted to make things extra simple for the folks who would be updating the page. I didn’t want them to have to learn what a Shortcode was or how to use it.