Ask “Why?”

“When people are highly motivated, it’s easy to accomplish the impossible.
And when they’re not, it’s impossible to accomplish the easy.” 
– Robert F. Collings

Beginning in the late ’60s, a revolution of sorts began in this country. It was a revolution that was irreverent at times, almost always anti-establishment, and it turned many traditional social customs upside-down.

How did it begin? The young, many of college-student age, began to ask WHY? They challenged everything by asking a simple question – WHY? Why must it be so? Why is this or that the “right” way? Why can’t I try a new approach? Everything that had been taken for granted by the establishment up to that time was up for grabs.

Voila! The country changed and will never be the same.

Today’s young families seem to be returning to principle-centered living. They are more sophisticated. They understand and adopt good personal money-management philosophies, and they still ask “why?”

The “why” of today has led to astounding advances in technology. When you ask a “why” today, you can locate the answer in minutes. Audio books, motivational tapes, and “online” educational courses make it possible to become enlightened without the need for social revolution.

What about you? Are you asking “WHY?” often enough?